Amma & Didi – India’s beneficiary politics

Wide-eyed, frequent-frowning Indian

Following Narendra Modi’s demonetisation initiative in particular and over several past years in general, few Indian politicians have made as much of a laughing-stock of themselves as Mamata Banerjee has. However, if you were to mention this to her (which you really shouldn’t), I can bet she won’t appear the least bit perturbed. Because she and her kind figured out long ago what you know but still haven’t accepted – that in a country like India, the educated, socially aware, opinionated middle-class seldom votes in a block, and is too small to swing an election anyway. No, the real vote winners in an underdeveloped country of a billion plus are always what Donald Trump called the silent majority – the poor, the unemployed, the under-educated, the marginalised, the have-nots, the subalterns – whichever term you prefer.

Now then, how do you earn the votes of people who don’t have…

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