A Non-binary Democracy

Wide-eyed, frequent-frowning Indian

I am not a permanent supporter of any politician or political party; for the simple enough reason that every single one of have successfully disappointed me more times than Modi has said “Mitron”. I happen to think the rational approach is to judge them on a case by case basis. This of course would not have been necessary if the all the political parties were in the habit of consistently sticking to their declared ideologies.

Funny thing is, not all the parties or leaders have an ideology or vision these days, unless you’re willing to consider “CPM bad” or “Lock her up” as visions for running a country. Is this particularly disappointing? Not any longer, it isn’t. I think people all over the world have collectively given up the illusion that politicians are selfless honorable people who have different but noble ideas about what is best for their constituency. We have…

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