Thank You.

As Tony Stark said at the beginning of Iron Man 2, it’s good to be back! Considering the fact that it has been 3 months since I wrote here, I wouldn’t really mind if you took that with a bit of salt. Coming back to a blog after a long interval is a little weird. I mean, I have been planning to do this for a while now. You can ask my drinking buddies. Every time we have gathered round a bottle of Old Monk in the last couple of months, they have had to tolerate me lamenting my lack of creative output. It was funny. I could almost hear them  saying,”There he goes again. Jeez! Who does this guy think he is, Shakespeare?” And each time, I silently replied, “Hell no! But I ain’t no Chetan Bhagat or Durjay Das either.”

Anyways, as I was saying, getting back to your blog is difficult after a long interval. For starters, you have this nagging doubt that you’ll abandon it again after a couple of weeks. Like a Casanova who has suddenly found a conscience, you realise that you don’t want to be so heartless again. Also, there’s this thing about picking up the threads where you left them. And that, ladies and gentlemen, can be a bitch. In case you were writing a story (and I was), you suddenly realise that the characters have turned a little unfamiliar over this period. Its like they’re sulking, or they don’t trust you anymore with their lives or their secrets. The plot that you were so sure about suddenly seems flimsy. Also, there comes this sudden doubt about quality. You suddenly start getting a feeling that what you used to write wasn’t really good, and whatever you try writing next will turn out to be even worse.

So, what exactly am I doing here? Gee, I don’t know. I mean, I could explain how and why I am much more relaxed and at peace with myself now than I have recently been. But then I would also have to explain what has been keeping my on my toes for the last three months. And since I know damn well that you don’t really care, unless you are some sneaky, nosey SOB, I am not going to torture you with all that unnecessary information.

Crazy as this may sound, I do know this blog has, or maybe had some dedicated readers. And yes, I do realise I haven’t been very good to them. Being a voracious reader myself, I understand that few things in this world are as disturbing or annoying as a  story being suddenly discontinued after you have fallen in love with it. So, am I apologising? Hell No! Am I making promises? Of course not! What am I babbling on about then?

Why, I simply wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas, and offer you my sincere wishes for the coming year.

Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Thank You.

  1. Hi, I have never read such a long Christmas wish.Anyway it’s good that you are back in the writer’s circuit. I know you enjoyed writing,so get going my friend!

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