The Mysterious Breakfast Companions


I’m doing my summer internship in this company that has its offices at the far end of Kolkata‘s IT hub. Thankfully, the area is not entirely urbanised yet. It’s more like a few steel and glass buildings have sprouted in the middle of a quiet village. There’s this small shop across the road from our office where we have our breakfast every day. This morning, as I was getting started on my regulation Kachoris for breakfast, I suddenly felt I was being observed.


I looked around, and sure enough, there they were! There were two of them, and they were staring at me directly. Black from head to toe, they had an aura of mystery around them. Their unnatural yellow eyes gave nothing away, their dark faces revealed no expressions. They just sat there, watching me in silence.


Still munching on my Kachoris, I decided to break the ice.


“Good morning.” I offered by way of a beginning.


If they heard me, they showed no sign of it. They just sat there in their inhuman stillness.


“You guys hungry?” I tried again.


Once again, they just sat there like they had not heard me.


“Look, no offense, but you guys are really beginning to freak me out.” I said.


Still no flicker of reaction. They just sat still, their baleful glance firmly settled on me.


I had had enough. I threw single the remaining kachori at them angrily. For the first time, they reacted. At first I thought they were going to come at me, but no. The bigger one of them expertly tore the kachori in half. Then each of them started chewing on his share laboriously. In no time, they were finished.


“There,” I said, “are you happy now?”


The bigger one of them replied, “BAAAAAA….”











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