The Journeys of A Lifetime, Together.


This isn’t, strictly speaking, a bucket list. I mean, her excellency and I didn’t make this list as the places we will see before we die. We intend to see the whole world, or as much of it as possible, before we die. These are simply the places that get top priority.

Like all serious couples, or maybe like most of them, we make a lot of post-marriage plans. Yes, they range from reasonable to lunatic. But hey, that’s our business. We both love travelling. Before we got together about 3 years ago, we both had our individual lists of places to see. Since then, we have been on a few trips together; and we’ve talked about our future travel plans numerous times. The problem was that those discussions had just about covered the entire world, quite a few times.

So, a few weeks ago we sat down in this quiet cafe that is just round the corner from my college; and we decided to put things in order. Now, you might think it would take quite a long time to plan the journeys of a lifetime. But no, it took us about fifteen minutes. Things take a lot less time when you love someone, trust me. Anyway, in true filmi style, we wrote it down on a table napkin and signed  and dated it. I know, that’s unnecessarily dramatic and mushy. But hey, like I said, it’s our business.

Anyways, the list. Here goes:

1. Kashmir : I’ve been there, she hasn’t. In my opinion, Kashmir’s a place everyone should see at least once in their lives. So..

2. Paris : Of course.

3. Egypt : A fascination of mine since childhood.

4. Seychelles : Typical honeymoon destination. Her excellency’s choice.

5. Northern Lights : Her choice, and I concur.

6. Istanbul : The place is so damn rich in culture, heritage and history that we’re both intrigued.

7. Grand Canyon : Again, old fascination of mine. Blame the movies.

8. Ladakh : Of course.

9. Rome : Her excellency again.

10. Jerusalem : No religious motives, I can assure you. It’s just that we’d like to see once with our own eyes the place that has almost always been a focal point of history.

So, that’s more or less it till now. Later on we decided to add a national park to that list. We’re yet choose one between Ngorongoro and Yellowstone.

Based on rough calculations and some thoroughly unreliable financial predictions, we’re assuming we would make one overseas trip roughly every two years. Yes, that means twenty years at least.

We don’t mind. We’re not in a hurry.


Would love to hear from you..

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