Abortion: Where I Stand

Towards the end of my previous post, I had indicated that I’m not one of those pro-abortionists, or as they misleadingly call themselves: pro-choice. What am I then? One of the other group? The anti-abortionists? Or, as they like to call themselves, pro-life? Well, no, not exactly that either. I don’t owe anyone an explanation, neither do I believe anyone would be very interested in my opinion in this matter. After all, I’m not Rahul Gandhi or Chetan Bhagat. So..this is more with a purpose of putting down my own thoughts in order.

I don’t like the idea of abortion. I never have. Is it murder? Yes, I believe it is. I know, a lot of you will start screaming at this point. Go away if you want. This is where I stand, and I will always stand by this. In case you’re wondering, no I’m not a Catholic. In fact, I’m one of those Godless atheists. Anyway, you know, it is very easy when you think: Oh it doesn’t even look like a human being. What’s the harm? After all, the mother herself doesn’t want it. Here’s why the argument is flawed. You’re thinking only about a fetus, a….biological object that doesn’t make much sense to you. Please, don’t. Before you say that a fetus cannot be called a baby yet, think of yourself. Remember, you were the same clumsy ball of flesh once. Then think of the life you’ve lived so far, of everything you’ve seen, heard, experienced. All the happiness and joy that you’ve had, all the beautiful moments that you cherish: the memory of your mom caring for you every minute, the pride of your parents at the first medal you brought home, your first paycheck, the first kiss from your lover. Think back of those for a moment. Then think of that “fetus” as you’d call it – you’re all for denying him/her..it, every single one of those moments, and much more. Who gave you that right? Another argument is even worse, that it’s the mother’s “property”, and it’s up to her to do with it as she sees fit. I remember the last time a human being was called another’s property – that was before Abe Lincoln abolished slavery. Also, what the pro-abortionists cite as their most justified argument is this, that if the pregnancy is unwanted, unplanned/accidental, the baby will never have a good upbringing, the needed care, that he might be abandoned etc. Here’s the answer: Be Careful. Frankly, it’s not that difficult. Thanks to science, nowadays  there are dozens of safe, economic precautions. Use them. They even come in strawberry flavor. If you are of the opinion that it’s not always possible to be that careful or controlled, I’d beg to differ. You don’t accidentally discharge a gun at your child, and if you do, he dies. It’s the same here. If you are that careless, the result will either be a death, or an unhappy child who will grow up to be an even more unhappy man. Like everything else in this world, sex also brings with it  its own hidden price, consequences, responsibilities. If you can’t pay, don’t play. Oh by the way, some people are of the opinion that until a fetus is viable, i.e, fully formed and able to survive outside of its mother’s womb, its okay to kill it off. You know what, I wish you’d go to my mom, or any of the millions of other moms who bear their child with pride. Go and ask them, “Excuse me ma’am, when your baby wasn’t viable in your womb, would you have been okay with an abortion?” In case they can’t get to a kitchen knife in time, you might even live to tell the tale. Yes, I’m glad I wasn’t aborted. And no, no child of mine will ever be aborted, unless it’s an exceptional case like Savita Halappanavar‘s.

Is there a flip side? Yes, there most definitely is. For starters, rape and incest, of course. Underage pregnancy is another. Then the most important one, when the mother’s life is in danger because of the baby. Yes. Not without a thought, but yes. Recently, there was a two-day long debate in the Irish parliament about the exact conditions on which an abortion can be permitted. Viability, degree of danger,  risk of suicide etc. Those questions have to be answered carefully, and responsibly. And no, I don’t have all the answers. But answer them we must, and sometimes the answer will be an abortion. Incidentally, I recently saw a photo on Facebook where some a girl was holding up a banner that read, “If abortion is murder, then a blowjob is cannibalism.” You know, by that logic a male ejaculation is either mass-murder or genocide, and a pregnancy is more or less the same, because of the 500,000,000 sperm cells released, only one gets fertilized. And for the record, no sweetheart, it ain’t. It takes two people to make a life.

One more thing, to all you pro-life and pro-choice fanatics, you are all hypocrites. You know why? Because for you it is an absolute choice, and that only goes on to reveal what you don’t give a damn about: human life. If you’re of the opinion that a pregnancy can be terminated simply on a mother’s fancy, I don’t know, maybe mankind owes an apology to the shade of Attila the Hun. As for you zealots who like to masquerade as “pro-life”, you’re no better. You think a baby is so…paramount, that it’s alright to endanger a mother for that. It’s not. And there’s enough blood on your hands to prove that.

So…if I were to sum up, I’d simply say this: There can never be a general verdict on this. Nowadays the majority of abortions are done to escape the consequences of frivolity or simple bloody negligence. That, in my opinion, must stop. On the other hand, there are times when it will be necessary for the greater good. Let’s not flinch on those moments either. Like I said in my previous post, all that is needed is the absolute minimum humanity, and common sense. Just like a war, abortion is a terrible, terrible waste of human life. And yet, just like a war, it becomes necessary at times, again to preserve human life.

When such time comes, just like a war, we should decide carefully whose side we’re on; and Why.


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