The Obvious

“Why jump?” asked the flame to the moth.

“Why?” She persisted. ” There’s nothing in it for you! There’s nothing I have to offer! I just burn things. That’s all I do. There’s this strange species which thanks me for their whole civilization, but they’re wrong! I had nothing to do with any of that! I just burn whatever comes too close. If you jump, you’ll burn too. Why? You have a life. Live it! Why destroy it? Why? Are you insane? Don’t you care? Is it really worth it? Explain it to me! justify yourself ! Why?”

The moth smiled. It was a beautiful smile. It was a smile that brave men have smiled on countless battlefields over millennia, before raising their swords one last defiant time; for love, for truth, and for something else.

“Not that it’s any of your business,” smiled the moth before he took the plunge, “but I think you’re beautiful.”


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