The Road To Ithaca – 6

I let it be known, discreetly, that I had her as my classmate when I was in that primary school. I judiciously added some juicy details, like how my parents knew hers, that we travelled to school together and so on. The rumour machine didn’t disappoint. Within a couple of days, it kicked into overdrive, and pretty soon everybody was asking me the right questions and offering the little tidbits of information that I desperately sought. That she was well-known, was counted among the most sought-after chicks of the batch, was a pretty good student and used to win all kinds of prizes in all sorts of competitions and so on. It was fun.

You know how school kids are when it comes to these things. Have a conversation with or about a girl, and before you know it, everybody will start saying that there is or was something going on between you too. The same thing started around me. The predictable stuff, like “aha! Childhood sweethearts.” – With a smirk, or an indignant, “how come you left HER and moved to that prison!!”. And this was very frequent and regular. Again, the same teenager philosophy. When school kids have something to needle a person with, they never ever let it go. We all have faced it. Some nickname that was born in some unfortunate moment or because of some physical characteristic, some serious humiliation at the hand of a teacher; we’ve all had our dreaded words or topics in our childhood. Usually people find all this embarrassing or annoying. All this cacophony gets them annoyed, stressed or frustrated.

It was music to my ears.

I still don’t know why. It’s not like I was in love with her. At most what I had was a crush, and even that I could hardly justify. Statistically speaking, I had seen her once in 7 years. But then, how often had Paris seen Helen of Troy? How often had Romeo seen Juliet? How often had…you get the drift.

Also, I had absolutely no clue where I would go from there. I mean, even if someone had literally put her in my lap at that time, I would not have known what to do. All I knew was that this whole thing was in some way remarkable and thrilling, and like I said, I loved every moment of it.  I realized I had to do something, although I had no idea what I could do about what or what I wanted to achieve by doing something, anything at all. You see how confusing this is?

Anyways, fate, as they say, soon smiled upon me, in the form of a classmate who attended coaching classes with her..


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