The Road To Ithaca – 5

I spent classes XI and XII mostly on a bicycle. Going to tuitions, coming back home, going to school, coming back again, going to more tuitions, going for addas, my beloved two wheeler served me well. Most other students in my town did the same. That evening, as I was pedaling back home, I saw this group of girls coming in from the opposite direction. There were four of them, and they rode in line abreast covering just about the entire road, looking like those Roman phalanxes that had once conquered the world. I cast an obligatory glance at each of them and then turned my attention elsewhere when I realized my heart had started thumping rather loudly against the inside of my chest. Startled, I looked around. The girls were just about to pass me when my eyes fell on the girl at the far end of the phalanx. Our eyes met. In fact, I could tell she had already been looking at me when my eyes reached hers. And in that one that instant, my world changed forever. It was her! And SHE.WAS.LOOKING.AT.ME!!!!!!!

I think it was at that moment, when I fell in love for the first time in my life. It’s hard to explain what was going on inside my head at that time. As I can remember, it was like two different persons had gotten inside my head and they were having a shouted, excited conversation.

“Did you see?”

“Yes of course I did!”

“It was her!”

“Oh yes, it was.”

“She looked at me.”

“Yes. Do you think she remembers?”

“Come on. Why on earth should she remember me?”

“I don’t know. Well, she’s changed a lot. Looks nothing like she used to.”

“Fuck you. She’s beautiful.”

“That she is. In fact, were those..”

“Listen, can we concentrate on going home now? I’m very likely to crash this thing into a lamp-post any moment.”

“Oh brother, you can crash into a hungry tiger for all I care.”

We, I mean I, reached home safely. Once I reached home, I started probing Mom gently about all my classmates from the nursery school. Mom being mom, she came straight to the point. “Oh, she’s still here you know. Studies in this school (this was the best girls’ school in our place, and also happened to be five minutes from my house). I hear she’s very good at studies. Why, did you meet her? “

I mumbled something non-committal and fled. When I reached school the next day, however, I had a plan..


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