The Road To Ithaca – 4

Anyways, like I was saying, I spent 7 years at this place. Age 9 to 16. This whole time, barring members of family, my entire contact with the female species was zero. Honestly though, I never felt like I was missing anything. We had P.T in the morning, Prayers a couple of times a day, so-called “studies” where a moderately intelligent person can do just about everything without studying, school, playtime in the afternoon, cleaning, washing and what not. Not much time or need or motivation to think of girls. It was years later that I realized that I did occasionally think of one girl. That one. I didn’t miss her. I didn’t long to be in her arms or any such shit. She just happened to come into my mind once in a while, that’s all.


I left that school after my school finals, and took admission in a local day school. Again, boys only. For my sins, even the tuitions I went to in class XI did not have any girls. For the first time in my life, this started pissing me off.  And thinking back, I have two words of explanation. “Peer Pressure.” The school was always abuzz with discussions about girls, whispered and shouted. Listening to those, day in and a day out, I gradually came to realize that there is a very large part of this world I have no clue about. My idea of girls fitted in closely with what is expected from a  Mission school guy. I figured girls were invariably calm and quiet, sober; that they talked softly and walked slowly. I know, this is crazy. Well, not my fault. What else can you expect from a guy who grew up only on Sri Ma Sarada and Bhagini Nivedita? Then, on the first day at my new school I heard of this group of girls who had danced like crazy with the boys on a picnic. My first thought was, “Hang on, you mean this happens outside of television too?” My second thought, strangely, was “Did she dance too? “ Here I should clarify that when I thought of her, I still remembered that 9-year-old face, as I had seen her for the last time before leaving my primary school. It just never occurred to me that she might not look exactly the same after 7 years. Stupid, huh?

One evening, I was coming home from a particularly boring math tuition when a miracle happened.



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