I am a knowledge junkie.
I always have been.
I could tell you how the dinosaurs died, how birds flew.
I could recite all the years that the red devils won the league,
all the valleys in which the jade vine grew.
I knew how men evolved from apes, 
how Atlantis was lost, I knew. 
And then the Sun shone, and there were you.
 3 years, 6 cities, 5000 miles and counting 
I still don’t have a clue;
why gray seems to be your favorite color, 
why puppies and pigeons scare you. 
the reasons for those crooked smiles,
the last 50 tantrums you threw. 
I still don’t have a clue.
The Sun still shines, 
but I no longer wish I knew.
Atlantis and apes be damned!
I know I’d still have you.
p.s : whoever reads this, please, don’t take it too seriously. 🙂

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