Movie Review : Oblivion


This dog owes an apology to the likes of Kunal Kohli, David Dhawan and our very own Raj Chakraborty. So far one had the impression that only Indian directors are guilty of copying from Hollywood films. Turns out Hollywood copies Hollywood too, in their customary grand scale. Case in point being the latest post-apocalyptic Tom Cruise mediocrity – Oblivion. It speaks volumes for the quality, or the lack of it, of a movie that boasts of Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko and a $120 million budget, that every 10 minutes you have a feeling, “wait, I’ve seen this somewhere before.”

Where does one begin? the movie kicks off with a solemn narrative from Tom Cruise. Apparently an alien species called Scavengers destroyed the Moon, thus causing Earthquakes and Tsunamis. Humans, of course, used nukes; winning the war but all but destroying the planet. Now humans are shifting to a moon of Jupiter, and Tom Cruise and his lady-love and mission partner are the last people remaining on earth. Their job is to maintain drones that guard vital resource gathering operations from scavenger attacks.  Tom Cruise mentions at the beginning that there has been a memory wipe, but he still gets occasional dreams of a himself and a girl (Olga Kurylenko looking like a mortal for the first time) standing atop, of all places, the Empire State Building. This is where it gets complicated, of course. There are a couple of twists, one good and the other pathetic, in my opinion. But enough of the story.

As for copying from other films (blatantly, one might add), without giving away spoilers, you’ll see glimpses from Wall-E, The Matrix, Independence Day, 2001 A Space Odyssey and what not. As for the characters, Tom Cruise is his usual heroic and cheesy self, Andrea Riseborough does a great job of her cold and clinical role, Olga Kurylenko looks good but doesn’t really have much to do. And finally, whoever put Morgan Freeman in that role deserves to be shot, revived, and shot again. 

The good thing about the movie is that it is, despite everything else to the contrary, a visual treat. That gorgeous mosquito like plane, the sleek drones, that cool bike, the touch operated console; the tech shown is definitely futuristic, and very, very sexy. The locations are also frequently stunning, and that sky-house definitely made me wish I had one. Does that make the movie worth watching? Hey, I’m just a dog, remember?

One very canine complaint to the director though. In that scene in the stadium ruins, if you really had to use someone from my species, couldn’t you pick someone a little better looking? Like, me for example? Who knows, maybe it would’ve gotten you some more viewers. ‘Cause from what I hear, you ain’t getting many.

Oh by the way, anyone who’s seen the movie want to explain to me how that Elvis Presley bobbing head was installed in Harper’s plane? No? Didn’t think so..


4 thoughts on “Movie Review : Oblivion

  1. If there is a soul, it is made from the love we share.

    There are many ways to describe Oblivion, but the softly spoken afterword by Tom Cruise’s character really makes you feel the human heartbeat of this sci-fi epic.

    As always, the trailer is full of explosions and set pieces. Oblivion the movie is an entirely different beast that values a human story and characters that are driven by common purpose. While the cast is tiny, I found much to enjoy from Cruise, Riseborough, Freeman and that Nordic guy from Headhunters who is showing up more frequently in Hollywood blockbusters. Aside from unusually limited screen-time, Morgan and other supporting cast are effective and memorable.

    The threads of the plot are well-woven and I won’t give anything away, so what I will tell you is to prepare for a powerful journey into the unknown where nothing is what it seems. Explosive set pieces take a backseat for sci-fi philosophy with twists to spare.

    Oblivion ticks all the boxes for correct use of literary devices and establishes enough original cannon to stick in your mind long after the credits start rolling. It is a distinct success among the largely abysmal offerings of 2013 so far, don’t miss it.

    More about the movie you can also find it here

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